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    Caroline L.

    We ordered the EMMA pillow to replace our memory foam pillows and to go with our EMMA bed.
    Unfortunately, we are not convinced. Comfort does not suit us, and most importantly, its imposing rectangular shape is not convenient (in any case for us).

  • Sagging mattress


    I found the mattress a bit hard and unsupportive to start with, but my partner got this as a present and we bought the marketing hype so I kept telling myself that it was better and I’d grow into it. As a result, I missed the 100 day opportunity to return. After less than six months, I’ve noticed there are big depressions on one side of the mattress where I sleep (big grooves where my shoulders and hips typically go - I sleep on my side). I noticed them as I my prartner was away for a night and I got to go on her side. I have been waking up every night with shoulder pain and sore neck as the mattress no longer supports me properly. I haven’t had a proper nights sleep in more than a month now and regularly go down to the sofa in the middle of the night. Going to have to replace it. It seems that the mattress just can’t deal with my weight - I am tall, broad-shouldered and heavier than my partner, but I’m not huge (90kg). Or it could be the fact I sleep on my side without shifting a great deal during the night (?) Not sure, but in any event I am hugely disappointed by this - by far and away the worse mattress I’ve ever experienced. I can see that many other people have a better experience, but if you are big then you may need better suspension than this vacuum-packed nonsense can provide.

  • The saga continues... AVOID this company


    'We're very sorry that your experience with our service and delivery was not up to the high standard that we strive for. Thank you very much for your feedback, if you provide us with your order number or if you contact our support line we will be happy to help to try to rectify this situation.'

    I have done all of the above, but I still don't have my mattress. Emma's staff insist it will arrive today, but UPS tracking tells me it will not now arrive until Saturday. It is no use them posting generic responses here. They need to up their game. For example, it took three phone calls and an email to get any response yesterday. They also seem to have no grip on their contract with UPS, and admitted that this was leading to a lot of complaints.

    Quick tip: if your business involves online retail then delivery is absolutely everything.

    I never expected to lose sleep over buying a mattress, but an entire house move has now had to be delayed. Totally unacceptable.

  • I paid the £35 for Saturday delivery never turned up


    I paid the £35 for Saturday delivery and waited in all day.
    All the UPS website said was it is on time! In fact it still says it is on time for Saturday delivery today Sunday afternoon!!

    Emma closes the weekend and UPS customer services close at 12pm on Saturday.

    very disappointed


    my order no is 600479215
    The reason it was late is because you use UPS which has a 93% 1 star rating on trustpilot so it was left at their Tamworth depot over the whole weekend.

    Castle Donnington, 02/09/2018 22:15 Arrival Scan

    Tamworth, 02/09/2018 22:00 Departure Scan

    Tamworth, 31/08/2018 23:09 Arrival Scan

    Manchester, 31/08/2018 20:41 Departure Scan

    31/08/2018 20:13 Saturday delivery has been requested.

    31/08/2018 14:44 Order Processed: Ready for UPS

  • Delivery service is hopeless


    I paid 35 pounds for a Saturday delivery. Waited in all day. It never turned up. This is a breach of contract, not to mention a waste of my time.

    The UPS tracking website said, and still says, that the mattress was due 12pm on Saturday. But their customer service is not reachable in the afternoon. Emma customer service is not available until Monday. How can you offer Saturday delivery - for a fee - and then be unavailable if something goes wrong?

    Absolutely appalling service. As a consequence, we may now need to push back a family move as we have nothing to sleep on... And we won't even find out until Monday. This is beyond frustrating at what is a very busy time.

    The mattress might be wonderful. Who knows. But that is not much use if it doesn't get delivered. The Emma website talks about its founder's own difficult experience of buying a mattress and how he wanted to remove the stress for others. I'm afraid this mission was not in evidence today.

    I am hoping for a good explanation, an appropriate apology, and a rapid solution. If no mattress on Monday, I will cancel the order and switch to a more established provider who can provide more reassurance on delivery.

  • I have put 1 star as 0 isnt an option


    I have put 1 star as 0 isnt an option.

    Mattress are really nice (apart from the dip i have in mine)

    Service.. RUBBISH. I emailed day after my delivery... 6 days later i got a response.. I responded to that email the same day... 11 days later (today) I have called as i still do not have a response.. the lady that answered the phone said she had no notes and said she can not help today?? (All i want is a replacement mattress as mine has a fault) she said i will be called back monday.. did not confirm my name on the order, contact details or anything else.

    I work inside a furniture company that sell these mattresses on behalf of emma, and the only thing i am confident on is that i WILL NOT recommend their mattresses in the future.. ameuter at best.. poor service.. no responsability taken... faulty product.. unhelpful... arrogant.. time wasters..

    Such a shame their service is so poor... in this day and age its a must and they do not have it... company needs to supply training and the bosses at the top should make some MASSiVE changes.


  • WORST delivery and customer service


    I have had the worst experience from Emma Mattress and the mattress hasn't even arrived yet. It was due to arrive 1 1/2 weeks ago. I have spent hours on the phone to UPS and to Emma Mattress due to failed delivery attempts (once it was taken to the wrong address, the others times I was in), lack of communication and just general unhelpful ness. It's the worst experience I have ever had with any purchase. I don't even care about the mattress - DO NOT ORDER from them - the delivery is enough to make you not want the mattress.

  • Moved house left it up against a wall…


    Moved house left it up against a wall for a week - now extremely lumpy and damaged. Take care with item - mattress itself comfortable however a traditional mattress wouldn’t have been damaged in this way.

  • Mattress is ok, customer service is crap , courier company is crap


    Mattress is ok. Box arrived damaged and extras missing , customer service is appalling, kept getting fobbed off , about getting booklet that was missing finally got it 5 weeks later. Would I recommend? NO !! Should of sent it back under 100 day offer . Would I buy again ? NO ! Try someone else next time ,

  • Rubbish customer service and damaged product


    Ordered on Saturday, pillows arrived on Tuesday. Mattress arrived today (Thursday.) Dumped inside the front door by DPD, I’ve got a long term back injury so had to get a friend to get it upstairs. Opened the packaging carefully and found the mattress has two areas of damage/holes. Emailed “Emma” twice to arrange a replacement but heard nothing. I’ve now sent another email invoking Distance Selling Regs/right to cancel. I’ve still not had any email back from the company. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!

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