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    If I could give zero stars I would! This was the worst customer experience I have had in ages. Over-promise and under-deliver. The 'German' company which purports that they are British (mattresses manufactured in Derbyshire, England), does not respond to emails, does not answer your phone calls, does not update you on order status and does NOT refund when you cancel due to their poor service. They cannot send emails-it's 2018 for goodness sake- and they lie through their teeth. The care less attitude of those I have spoken to at a 'Call Centre' both in Hemel Hemstead and Germany sent shivers down my spine! Totally unacceptable considering the hype and publicity and website promises. I wished that I had never found the company! Please go elsewhere if you desire one of these hybrid mattresses.

  • Worst customer service ever!


    Worst customer service ever!!
    I returned the mattress in October as a German based company with no UK banks you have to set up monthly wire transfers that they promise to not cost you anything. But I am still waiting for the £30 bank fees and monthly payments refunded and it’s now 2018. Avoid at all costs

  • Very uncomfortable pillow!

    D. Ziegeler

    Contrary to the description and the other reviews, my wife and I find this pillow very uncomfortable. We both woke up after a night with neck pain.Beware!! When returning, there was also an unsightly surprise: 14,30 Euro processing fee for the return processing! Try from over 100 days without hidden costs - THIS NOT [email protected]: How does Amazon stand about this practice?

  • EMMA: No Thank you


    The pillow comes well packaged and makes a quality impression. Strong exhalations, as described here more often, I could not find out.How does it come to such a bad evaluation? First of all, I want to say that variability is a real plus for the product. The first nights were wonderful. However, over time, the pillow has always become softer. At some point, the offered trial period was over, which prompted me to contact EMMA. I was simply of the opinion that there was a material defect, which should not be overlooked at at at this purchase price. Long speech short: I contacted EMMA and did not receive an answer (except for an automated receipt confirmation). Four weeks later, I contacted EMMA again. No answer again. If that's what the company imagines under customer service, I only have to say this:Emma: No thanks!Meanwhile, I sleep again on a cushion of the brand Diamona... Great!

  • Desired date!!!!!

    vera Kohl

    It is still nothing delivered despite the desired date which is already behind I am not sure if I would order it again.

  • 100 Day Return Warranty

    Mike Strohbach

    On 02.10.2017 we ordered various articles i.H.v. 1.847.55 Euro from Emma Mattresses and withdrew from the purchase contract a few days later due to not timely delivery.

    A partial amount amounting to 934,15 euros (the bed) was refunded on 11.10.2017, the remaining amount has been pending since then.

    All in all, we have contacted Emma Mattresses 4x by phone, each time it was promised to pass on the topic to the accounting department with “high pressure”. They should contact us immediately. This has not even been done after all our calls.

    On the part of the customer service one reacted “pampig” and was annoyed.

    We can not say anything about the mattress and other accessories, but the promised uncomplicated return is a bad joke.

  • Horrendous experience...


    Horrendous experience....

    So, the first mattress due to be delivered on my only day off.

    All booked and sorted at checkout with the correct delivery day (this was 10 days before, so plenty of time) rang to see what was happening a few days before, told 'maybe it will arrrive, maybe not' It didnt!

    So a wasted day So, then I get another date, it arrives, appears comfy but like a furnace. I check under the cover no Blue cooling top foam as advertised.
    So I call, they agree it isn't right and send another to my work so I dont waste a day.
    They then send this to my home address, where I am not! two failed delivery attempts, they book it for a saturday... UPS dont turn up...

    So, I book yet another day off work they collect the faulty one and deliver the new one. I open it... foam misshapen, cover damaged. The mattress doesn't lie flat as it appears to have been cut to the wrong size and forced into the cover.
    So, now they cant collect on a convenient date, so I have to take more time off work.
    So, if you want a comfy yet not great product, waste three days trying to sort the companies errors, go ahead. Or try using another company who get it right.

  • !!!!! Attention!!!!! They don't keep what they promise

    Christian B.

    Return procedure was incredibly time-consuming and costly.

    18.08.2017 EUR 419 paid,
    11.10.2017 EUR 379 back.

    They try to persuade you so long that their smelly mattress would be good, they really believe in it.

    Now the exact process:

    We are health-conscious and environmentally conscious, first of all.

    Bought, get, mattress stinks of plastic, support says that would be quite normal. I, buyer, let me be dazzled by the OKOTEX100 class 1 certification and by the indication that you can try without any problems. We did not even lay down on the mattress on it, immediately resignation.
    Then we were assured we would get packaging material, at third call then came also which. The mattress stood around for almost 1.5 months after we ordered the pickup.

    Now to the quality, let's face it, you want to sleep on a plastic mattress. I know they're safe, we do, too, but we're changing that and trying to get some from renewable resources, not petroleum.

    The concept of Emma stinks to the sky in several ways. I hope that the 5 star reviewers' will wake up once, hopefully not on an Emma mattress.

  • Not suitable for everyone

    Johanna Hlousek

    We ordered Emma because of the many good reviews.
    The first night on Emma was catastrophic - well, it says that it takes 2-3 weeks before you get used to Emma. It just got a little better. With Emma was too soft, my partner found her uncomfortable overall.
    I think my problem was the visco-show. I was in the right bed shop during the test phase (not mattresses-concord or dane. bed camp) and was well advised there. Several days of testing (without foil!!!) with delivery and pick-up service. I chose a little expensive mattress, a luxury slatted base on top and I sleep like on clouds.

    Return from Emma went a little sluggish. In the chat, my request was not answered at all, and then only after multiple requests. In the end, after Daniel from the Emma team took care of, things went well. I hope money will come back soon.
    I thank you for the long right of return and wish others better dreams or recommend visiting a specialized store - it's worth it, and for this you support regional trade (in my case in the small town)!

  • Cushion TOP, after-sales service FLOP

    Mona Aerni

    on 30.08.2017 I ordered cushions and cover. The pillow came after about 10 days and is really great!
    I got the reference on Tue 24.10.2017 (!!!), of course incl. dunning fees from payolution! With payment terms 14 days and delivery time almost 3 months this does not work! Despite div. Mails! I'm curious if emma manages to delete the dunning fees at payolution! I order my mattress where else. I don't need the theater again! Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied, but only with the customer service! An apology would have cost nothing...

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