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  • Not happy


    Not the right purchase for me, much too hard!!!

  • Terrible smell


    I ordered this pillow because I found the offer to test it 100 days tempting. Unfortunately, I could not make use of this because the inner workings of the pillow smell terribly strong of chemistry, which can not be healthy. What brings me a pillow, which should help against neck pain, but I get a headache because I inhale any health-damaging substances all night. After days of airing out, which unfortunately did not bring anything, the pillow goes back. Unfortunately, I can not recommend it absolutely. Promised me more of this.

  • Definitely not a purchase recommendation!


    Is the first time I feel compelled to rate a product here on Amazon፦ The pillow smells extremely unpleasant after unpacking. The smell does not disappear even after two weeks, even if you take out the layers and ventilate for a while. Every time I turn my head on the pillow, a new unpleasant odour exudes. - The first two days it slept quite comfortably on the pillow. Then it was a little lumpy. After about two weeks, I felt that I had completely gone through the pillow. Even on a 5-euro cushion from a Swedish furniture store, it will sleep better.- Contact Customer Support: The Amazon mailbox is crowded, messages are not received at all. Phone: You are not even hung in a queue, the phone call is terminated directly with the indication that there is no customer advisor available at the moment. Three different times a day. Email to the manufacturer's address will be answered very late.- Return shipping: You can return it within 100 days. Only you don't get a refund. In any case, I have been waiting for it for more than three weeks.Conclusion: With a completely overpriced, rather poor quality product like this and such a poor customer service, I hardly give Emma any future opportunities on the German market. Anyway, I order my mattress somewhere else.

  • out of stock not reported so payment cashed and no delivery

    Corine C.

    not yet had the opportunity to test but I will do it as soon as possible but very disappointed because I learn that the mattress is out of stock and that I have to wait... no sure date for the moment. I find it regrettable not to be notified at the time of ordering... first unpleasant impression... I hope the mattress as for itself will keep its promises

  • poor customer service and shipping

    Christine Weißl-Zmugg

    Unfortunately, I can't give a review about the mattress, as I did not have the pleasure of trying it out.
    I ordered the mattress on 28.7.2017 and with SOFORT bank transfer, this immediately paid. On the Internet, the delivery time of 2-4 days is previewed, so I waited a few days, but nothing came, even no shipping confirmation. Then I called and they told me something went wrong when ordering. May happen, but I was then promised for three days, every time that the mattresses will be sent and again I got no shipping confirmations. On Saturday after, I checked my email again and hoped that the confirmation for the shipment on Friday was still made, but no, again not. Then I cancelled my order on Saturday and on Monday noon I called again and asked how to proceed now! The supervisor just told me, he sees that my order has been cancelled and I must have received a confirmation normally already, this has not happened again.
    It was also not asked why I canceled etc.
    Also, it was not asked how things did not go round when ordering, the money was with them on the account, but the mattress would not have been sent away if I had not asked by phone.
    I don't find great in customer service or in the entire process.

  • Sink of chemistry and does not conform to product description and images


    I sent the pillow back immediately after unpacking. The pillow smells extremely chemically of cheap foam. According to the description and pictures, the 3 foam cores should be made of different materials. Obviously, they're not. One part is slightly colored but the material properties are obviously the same for all parts. Pretending the pictured foam of the various properties, one searches in vain.

  • Finger away, one star is too much!

    Martin A.

    First of all, the mattress is great, I'm about the bed linen and the fitted sheet.
    I have been extremely disappointed with everything. After receiving the goods, which unfortunately did not include delivery note or return information, I washed the pieces of laundry as indicated on the labels and dried them in the air. It resulted in an image of the “gray”. It looked like crumpled paper, I have other bedding, which also looks like this, only there it was wanted by design.
    From the fitted sheet I had hoped that it would fit perfectly on the same mattress, unfortunately that was nothing. Fit real grotchy.
    The quality of the zippers also does not match the price.
    Colour fastness/colour quality, as has been mentioned here several times, is also not the way it looks on the pictures.
    Conclusion: Mattress I would and will still recommend without hesitating, but fingers away from the rest or changes the quality.

    You get better quality, if necessary still in organic cotton from the discounter with the 4 letters or the coffee roasting of “umme corner” for a fraction of the amount.

    I am curious how fast the return and refund takes, have just requested the return label online, as yes as already written none and no information was in the package.

    ፦ (

  • We have Emma since 08/16

    Yvonne Röttgen

    The early days were great with Emma. Sure, after a troubled 15-year-old mattress!
    Then I couldn't sleep anymore because I got hip pain due to the too soft pad. My husband called Emma to announce the return shipment and got a firmer topper instead. Ever since he was standing up, I'm just sweating in bed and have pain in the neck and shoulder. For the return shipping it was then of course already too late, since the 100 days were over.
    I hope we can buy a new mattress soon...

  • Merchandise just does not come

    Carina Fischer

    My bed incl. mattress was sent from the outset with almost 2 weeks delay in delivery... unfortunately it is since the dispatch notification via e-mail for exactly 2 weeks with the forwarding company on the way to me! No info, no goods, nothing! ፦ (
    Unfortunately, dozens of telephone and written inquiries have always been consoled without clear information.
    I still don't know where my goods actually are and when I can expect them.
    The customer service staff were always very friendly and endeavoured, but that is unfortunately not useful to me if I have to wait for the goods and do not receive clear information!
    Thanks to EMMA I have been able to sleep on the floor for almost 4 weeks now!!!
    ... despite the current mattress delivery time of 1-3 days! ፦ (Bravo

  • Promised, not kept - expensive but poor quality

    Christian Hoppe

    Just received the first part of the delivery (bed linen) and am very disappointed. Appear rather cheap synthetics than (as written on the label) 100% cotton - probably not. In addition, the material stinks pathetic of chemistry already when unpacking. Will probably be returned if possible. Furthermore, a pillowcase was delivered too little. I'm looking forward to the mattress.

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